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Bank Holidays are charged at double the normal rate.

We are friendly, reliable, trustworthy, animal lovers who would love to look after your cat, offering you total peace of mind.

Our service includes cleaning of bowls and replenishing food and water, cleaning out litter trays, and lots of pampering, play and fuss!

Our daily presence at your home can also provide added security and whilst there we can close curtains, turn on lights, water plants, bring in the post and put the wheelie bins out if necessary.

Our visits normally last 20 minutes and prices are as follows:

Fee Per 20 Minute Visit

Fee Per 20 Minute Visit (Weekend)
Replenishing food and water, cleaning litter tray, playing.
£9 for up to 3 cats
(£1 extra for each additional cat)
£12 for up to 3 cats
(£1 extra for each additional cat)
Basic care and feeding of fish, hamsters, rabbits, etc (up to 2)
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 Poynton Paws Ltd
 18 Carleton Road,
Higher Poynton,
SK12 1TL

07879 437533

Email: poyntonpaws@sky.com

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